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The Hand Therapy Association of California
Regrets to inform members that this conference is cancelled due to concerns around Covid 19.


Dear Members and Conference Registrants:

Due to growing concerns over managing the spread of the Coronavirus, we regret to announce that we must cancel our scheduled conference on April 2-4, 2020 - Finding the Key to Evidence Based Practice

We are following the example of other Bay Area organizations by limiting crowd exposure in an effort to maintain health and safety for all. With hopes of rescheduling, we will continue to keep you informed. Registration fee can be applied to the
rescheduled conference, or a full refund will be granted. Again, further information to follow.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. We appreciate your support of our educational programs.

HTA-CA Board and Conference Committee

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Are You Interested in Hand Therapy Training?

Hand and Upper Limb Therapy Paper 2019 - AUT

What is the basic idea behind the paper?

The hand is an amazingly complex and intricate instrument. As a primary means by which people manipulate things in the environment the hand and upper limb are prone to damage and injury. Function follows form. As such any underlying pathology of the hand or injury can have a major impact on a person’s ability to interact within their environment or to engage in their occupations of choice. This paper offers NZ registered physiotherapy and occupational therapy practitioners the opportunity to explore a wide range of hand and upper limb problems and to learn from expert clinicians and each other how to assess and manage some of the common hand injuries and impairments.

When will the paper run?

In 2019 this begins on the 4th March. There are three on-campus weekends when you will need to come to Auckland. Dates for 2019 are:

Block One: 11th to 14th April

Block two: 3rd to 7th July

Block three: 26th to 29th September

In between these on site block courses you study by distance with readings, online discussion and assignment preparation.

Download the Information Sheet

Christie Oldfield is Paper Leader, for 2020 year.

International Federation of Societies for Surgery of the Hand - Ezine

The IFSSH Past-President, Ulrich Mennen, is proud to bring you the IFSSH Ezine, a digital publication available to the global Hand Surgery and Hand Therapy communities free of charge. It has been established with the purpose of uniting the global hand surgery community and is intended to be a publication for IFSSH members, by IFSSH members.

To contribute to the IFSSH Ezine, please email the Editor: ezine(at)